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Website Design & Development

We have learned in the past that it is difficult to provide a static pricing scheme because every website is different. The cost will depend on the requirements of your website.

For example do you need an e-commerce site to sell products or services or do you just need a informational website? Do you need a photo gallery for your website? Factors like these must be taken into account when preparing a quote for your project.


Starter site: (1 or 5 Page)

Designs for small, simple web sites range from $800 up to $1,000. This price includes custom template design, site architecture, and several standard web pages as well as registering your domain name, arranging e-mail accounts and web hosting set-up. This is the ideal size for many personal sites or sites for non-profit organizations. It also includes basic search engine submissions, optimization, and strategy.


Small site:  (6 - 20 Pages)

Medium size web sites are suitable for a small business that needs about 20 pages, along with some database activities. The price for this ranges from $1500 to $2500. It also includes custom template design, site architecture, as well as registering your domain name, arranging e-mail accounts and web hosting set-up. It also includes basic search engine submissions, optimization, and strategy.


Large site:  (20 + pages)

Larger size web sites are generally database driven and likely e-commerce sites. These sites are usually database driven, with many web pages easily integrated with a company's existing applications. It would include custom template design, site architecture, database design,dynamic site development, shopping cart, and shared or your own SSL certificate. Along with basic search engine optimization and strategy. Prices range from $3000 and up, although depending on what the site contains, not all web sites are that expensive.



Secure monthly archiving of site, database and hosting: $420.00/year


cPanel Hosting Control Panel

Easily configure e-mail accounts, scripts, databases and more using the powerful cPanel control panel. The cPanel interface is intuitive and includes video tutorials and on-screen help. Professionals and novices alike love the power cPanel offers.


Mary Ann Moore:

As I’m a poet it’s best to leave website creation to the experts. Kathleen Wilson is just that. All of the elements I wanted got included in my new website complete with a slide show. Kathleen showed me various options from which to choose and I’m really pleased at the look of everything:  clean and lively. There are various aspects to my writing business and they were all looked after by Kathleen who attends to the details and does them promptly. She taught me how to make my own changes which is really a bonus.  The whole process was painless and in fact, fun and easy. I’m very proud to send people to my beautiful and easily navigable website to show them what I do.

Mary Ann Moore


Able Body Consulting:

Our website needed a serious facelift and we turned to Graphic Details to do the work. Our expectations were surpassed with the fast, efficient and non-compromising rebuild of our site. Kathleen is very personable and made the transformation of our website a pleasure. We would highly recommend Graphic Details to everyone. 

Thank you so much,
Joey Palladini, owner - Able Body Consulting Studio

Sarah Clark Design:
I am extremely grateful to have connected with Kathleen Wilson of Graphic Details about three years ago. My previous web designer closed her business and I was destined to be without someone, which was troubling.
Having researched various web companies, I was always dismayed with the quality of the designs and lack of functionality. Then I found Kathleen, and in her, discovered just what I needed - someone who could see the big picture on the design side, and work with the endless details of the background workings of a good site.
As part of my success team, Kathleen supports my business in such a critical way, taking care of things that I can't do. She is responsive to my needs, is ready with thoughtful solutions, and is very easy to work with.
Thank you Kathleen, it's a pleasure to have you on my team.
Sarah J. Clark - sarah clark design