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Graphic Details is a web development and print production company.

With our many years of experience, we can confidentally assist you with brand development, graphic design for support print material and website design and hosting.


Welcome to Graphic Details

Graphic Details represents the culmination of more than four decades combined service in the graphic arts industry. Our broad grounding in print design and production has allowed us to expand successfully into World Wide Web site creation and management. We were part of the early days of website design when coding was done by hand and the focus was on the message, not the high bandwidth graphics and sounds! Today, we are equally comfortable with the simple stuff and with the complexities of database-driven real-time page creation. And we still remember how to create print products that shine.

We are happy working for clients who want functional print products and websites that meet the communication objectives set for them. We want our clients to be more than satisfied. We want our work to create impressions, sell products and change minds. And we want our fees to be reasonable enough to draw our clients back time and time again.

Our varied experience, our commitment to quality and our concentration on doing a good job mean great value for our clients. And great value for clients means we get to create products for some pretty interesting people. We’re pleased to be able to do that. And we’re proud of what they’ve allowed us to accomplish.

Visually Impactful Sites

Nanaimo Art Gallery:

Feedback from the community has been overwhelmingly positive since Nanaimo Art Gallery launched its new website earlier this year. Working with Kathleen at Graphic Details was terrific—she helped us to identify what the Gallery needs now in terms of its online presence, and created a user-friendly, visually impactful website that will evolve to meet our future needs. I very much appreciate Kathleen’s professionalism, efficiency, patience, and creativity. I would gladly recommend Graphic Details.

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